Dj Bio

I am 44 years old, and I live in Milwaukee, WI. Since 2016 I have gone into radio ministry full time. I have worked at B/E Aerospace, Advance Auto Parts, and Blockbuster Video in the past. I completed my degree in Mechanical Design December of 2013, and may find a job in that field in the near future.  I became a Christian through a local church's high school ministry when I was a Junior.  I still attend that church today, and am involved with a bible study and different ministries relating to that church.  My DJ name - Sam-e, the doc of rock - was coined in the early years of my involvement with radio.  I did a show at a local college that I was going to at the time, around 1993.  I did a show there from 1993-1996, and again from 2000-2001.  I have also done a show with some friends at another college in the area from 2003 and wrapping up spring 2006.  Now God has blessed me with the opportunity to start this adventure of Christian Radio Network, with Christian Alternative Radio in April of 2006, and Christian Armor Radio in January of 2008.  I look forward to playing Christian music from the 80's and 90's, and giving light again to some classic songs from the past that I feel have not been given and adequate chance to be heard. Captive Radio, playing rap and rock hits, started in September 2016.  Along with Vertical Faith Radio, which started Easter Day 2015 playing your favorite praise and worship music, we have four stations in our network glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Enjoy and God bless! is a Christian Ministry •
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