Christian Alternative Radio History
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4/17/06 Christian Alternative Radio goes online.  Fifty songs make their debut in the song rotation.
4/29/06 Live 365 increases storage space for music package the station is subscribed under.  Therefore, 18 more songs are added to the play list.
5/17/06 Christian Alternative Radio nets 200 total listening hours in its first month of broadcasting.
 7/01/06 Christian Alternative Radio nets 500 total listening hours so far.
7/04/06 Myspace page created for Sam-e, the doc of rock.
7/26/06 Website is created, edited, and revised.
 8/14/06 Launch of our new website.
8/17/06 Myspace page created for the station at
8/20/06 Added 'Feels Like Rain' by Dime Store Prophets to play list
8/29/06 Website Forum Official Launch Date
9/12/06 Christian Alternative Radio nets 1000 total listening hours so far.
1/13/07 Added video for Chagall Guevara's song Violent Blue to station's myspace -
1/13/07 Added 'Nobody Gets a Smooth Ride' by The Choir to the play list - a recent song from the classic alternative band.
2/20/07 Added more videos to the station's myspace site.  You can now find videos from The Prayer Chain (Never Enough - live Cornerstone '94), The Choir (Someone To Hold On To), Mad At the World (Eyes Of Heaven), and Steve Taylor (On the Fritz live) on the myspace site at
3/26/07 Added to the play list 'Rift' by Mortal

Added to the play list: Black Eyed Sceva - Ryan's Driveway, Daniel Amos - Stone Away, Love Coma - Entertainment Tonight, The Swirling Eddies - Outdoor Elvis, Vigilantes Of Love - When I'm Broken (See What Happens)

10/05/07 Website has gone over 1000 visitors and we've added ClustrMap feature to our website.
1/03/08 Added the song 'Is It Any Wonder' by Ideola to the playlist.
1/12/08 CARADIO joins  It is another social networking site like myspace, but for those with an interest in Christian music.
1/26/08 'The Double' from Doppelganger by Daniel Amos has been added to the song rotation on Christian Alternative Radio
1/31/08 Added a liner by Terry Taylor to the beginning of the song 'Banquet At the World's End' by Daniel Amos.
2/01/08 'Hang Me High' from Screaming Brittle Siren by Michael Knott and 'Caught In an Unguarded Moment' from All Fall Down by the 77's have been added to the song rotation on Christian Alternative Radio.
2/13/08 Christian Alternative Radio nets 5000 total listening hours since the station's start
2/18/08 Added 'Track You Down' by Crumbacher to the playlist
3/8/08 Added 'I'm Not Afraid' by Fleming and John and '(Kill Me) From the Inside' by the Prayer Chain to the playlist.
3/12/08 Added 'Crashlanded (In Another Time Zone)' by Crumbacher and 'Closer To You' by Undercover to the playlist.
4/17/08 Christian Alternative Radio celebrates its 2 year anniversary by switching to a 128k CD quality sound broadcast. Live mode without in stream commercials also introduced. Three songs added to the playlist: Love Coma - Entertainment Tonight, Dave Perkins - Orbit, and Altar Boys - Forever Mercy.
Added 6 songs:  Dig Hay Zoose - Dancing In Concert With the Infinite, Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor - Sprinkler Head, McAllister - More Than This, Level Heads - Live No Lie, Mortal - Enfleshed (The Word Is Alive), Sunday's Child - Just a Whisper

Added 6 songs:  Randy Stonehill - Great Big Stupid World, Rick Elias - Miles and Miles, Sincerely Paul - Wait, Swirling Eddies - I've Got an Idea, The Holidays - Tear the Curtain, and The Throes - Words


5/31/08 Added 6 songs:  Adam Again - Life In the First Degree, Common Children - Wishing Well, Crumbacher - Somebody's Arms, Over the Rhine - Circle Of Quiet, Painted Orange - Colors, and Lost Dogs - Diamonds To Coal
6/13/08 Added 5 songs to the rotation
8/25/08 Added 2 songs to the rotation
Added 110 songs to the rotation and returned to live mode broadcasting after a summer break.
Added around 110 to Christian Alternative Radio's playlist.
Added 375 songs.
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Christian Armor Radio History
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1/10/08 Christian Armor Radio goes on the air at 9:18 pm Central Time.  Playing a mix of rock and metal, 78 songs debut in the rotation..  Idle Cure's 'Breakaway' is the first song played.
1/24/08 Christian Armor Radio nets 100 total listening hours in just two weeks.
2/10/08 Christian Armor Radio nets 250 total listening hours in the first month of broadcasting.
2/11/08 A liner by Ted Kirkpatrick is added to the song 'Bearing Gruesome Cargo' by Tourniquet.
3/7/08 Added 24 songs to the playlist.
Christian Armor Radio nets 500 total listening hours so far.
Christian Armor Radio begins broadcasting at 128k, which is near CD quality sound.  Also, streaming commercials have been eliminated during 128k live mode broadcasting.  Our playlist is no longer limited by live365's storage space, so get those requests in at Added 4 songs to the playlist: Battalion - Don't Wait, Recon - Behind Enemy Lines, Saint - Too Late For Living, and Whiteheart - Inside.
4/1/08 Added 2 songs to the playlist:  Bloodgood - Live Medley, and Whiteheart - Bye Bye Babylon
Added 5 songs to the playlist: Liaison - I'm Really Glad I'm Here, Lovewar - Golden Rule, Nouveaux - We Believe, Shout - When the Love Is Gone, X-Sinner - Livin' On the Edge
4/25/08 Added 3 songs to the playlist:  Fear Not - We Have a God, Magdalen - Revolution Mind, and Seraiah - No More Lies
Christian Armor Radio logs 1000 total listening hours since its inception.
5/8/08 Added 5 songs:  David Zaffiro - I See Red, Guardian - Dr. Jones and the Kings Of Rhythm, Saviour Machine - Carnival Of Souls, Steven Patrick - Run Like the Devil, X-Sinner - Peer Pressure

Added 5 songs:  Applehead - Six Feet Under, Joshua - Only Yesterday, Legend - Set This Place On Fire, Mastedon - It's a Jungle Out There, and Sacred Warrior - Sword Of Victory


5/30/08 Added 5 songs:  Angelica - Take Me, Arsenal - Turn Around, Die Happy - Cage, Halo - Lose To Live, and LoveLife - Do You Love Me?
8/22- 8/26/08 Add 100 + songs to the playlist.

Started live mode broadcasting after a summer break.

10/3/08 First official live broadcast airs, 7-11pm.
Added 137 songs to the playlist for Christian Armor Radio.
Live show on Christian Armor Radio changes to Wednesday night 9pm-midnight.
Christian Armor Radio celebrates it's one year anniversary on the air by adding 75 songs to the playlist.
Added 200+ songs to Christian Armor Radio.
Added 70 songs.
Added 100 songs.
Added 400 songs.
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